Lombardo Family History

Lombardo Genealogy & History

Lombardo is a locational name that comes from Lombardy, Italy. The -o ending indicates an origin in southern Italy, while the -i ending denotes the spelling in the north. Some spellings include Lombardelli, Lombardi, Lombardia, Lombradio, and Lombardetto. The family name was first found in the Tuscany, Sicily, and Venice areas. Lombardo family history mentions the birth of Pietro Lombardo (a theologian) as the first known recording of the name around 1100. The first known member of the family to migrate to America is Angello Lombardo. Lombardo genealogy includes Renaissance sculptor and architect Pietro Lombardo; model and actress Michelle Lombardo; and vocalist and composer Carmen Lombardo.

Lombardo Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Accursia L.-- --, 1875November 15,1966NY
Baldasario L.-- --, 1923October 14,1993NY
C Jerome L.-- --, 1912October 30,1996NJ
Dan L.-- --, 1914August 13,1999OH

Lombardo Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl L.-- --, 1925December ,1981New Orleans,LA
Fannie L.-- --, 1913January ,1984Patchogue,NY
Gabriel L.-- --, 1932January 19,1992Brooklyn,NY
Harry L.-- --, 1900February ,1980Ozone Park,NY

Lombardo Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Carmelo L.Anna MorrisonMay 28,1994Wake, NC
Maurice L.Violet TaylorAugust 17,1960Wake, NC
Stanley L.Wendy WaiteMay 28,1978Wake, NC
Natividad L.Mary HoodAugust 17,1997Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Lombardo

1990th: Saylor1991st: Danielson
1992nd: Cordova1993rd: Hearn
1994th: McMahan1995th: Jernigan
1996th: Crenshaw1997th: Valencia
1998th: Gentile1999th: Smallwood

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