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McDonough Genealogy & History

McDonough is an anglicized form of the Irish name Mac Donnchadha, meaning son of Donnchadh. Donnchadh itself stems from brown (donn) + battle (chatha). Other spelling variations of this surname include MacDonagh, McDonagh, MacDonough, McDonough, MacDonogh, and McDonogh. There were two separate McDonough clans in Ireland, one a branch of the MacDermots in Connacht and the other a branch of the McCarthy clan in County Cork. McDonough family history records that Thomas MacDonough was a famous early American naval officer; Andrew McDonough was one of the early famine immigrants to New York in 1846. McDonough genealogy includes actress Mary Elizabeth McDonough.

McDonough Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abbie Mcdonough-- --, 1893May ,1987IL
Barbara Mcdonough-- --, 1902January ,1975MA
C Thomas Mcdonough-- --, 1927November 2,2000OH
D Elaine Mcdonough-- --, 1923June 10,1997NY

McDonough Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Bailey Mcdonough-- --, 1918February 4,2000Mobile,AL
Farris Mcdonough-- --, 1911October 14,2005Houston,TX
G Hallett Mcdonough-- --, 1914January 24,1989Mobile,AL
Hallet Mcdonough-- --, 1911May 12,2001Saint Louis,MO

McDonough Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Casey McdonoughJulie ShaferJune 12,2004Harris, TX
Donny McdonoughSammie HouckMay 23,2004Johnson, TX
James McdonoughPamela OdanielMarch 3,1972Wake, NC
Michael McdonoughConnie SturdevantAugust 19,2000Harris, TX

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1147th: Couch1148th: Pritchard
1149th: McClellan1150th: Neff
1151st: Ludwig1152nd: Meeks
1153rd: O'Leary1154th: Navarro

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