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Meyer genealogy is widespread in western Europe. Alternate spellings are many and include Mair, Mayer, Meijer, and Meier. The specific spelling "Meyer" is most commonly traced back to northern Germany. The name derives from the very common Latin word "magnus". meaning "great," which could denote a notable or especially prominent person. It had a long history as a nickname or semi-official title, then came into use as a given name, and eventually a surname by medieval times. As an occupational surname, it referred to the leading citizen of a location, the "mayor". Meyer family history in the United States extends back to at least the late seventeenth century.

Meyer Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Burton Meyer-- --, 1917June 3,1994DE
B Fred Meyer-- --, 1918December 27,2007NY
C Cliff Meyer-- --, 1915January 27,1988FL
D Marie Meyer-- --, 1912October 29,1991IL

Meyer Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Alfred Meyer-- --, 1921November 4,2008Eagle Bend,MN
F Lucille Meyer-- --, 1912January 12,1997Alton,IL
G Ralph Meyer-- --, 1919October 22,1999Camas,WA
H Conrad Meyer-- --, 1920February 16,1989Audubon,PA

Meyer Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Bruce MeyerJill MahlerJune 10,1978Wake, NC
Aaron MeyerLurvin PeraltaDecember 21,1985Wake, NC
William MeyerVirginia BellSeptember 7,1974Wake, NC
Nelson MeyerJennifer WellsOctober 12,2001Collin, TX

Most Common Surnames After Meyer

99th: Hayes100th: Kennedy
101st: McDonald102nd: Griffin
103rd: Ellis104th: Jordan
105th: Simmons106th: Snyder
107th: Coleman108th: Alexander

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