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Redding Genealogy & History

Redding is an English surname with two primary origins. First, it might be topographical, from the Old English ryding, meaning clearing, and referring to a resident thereof. It could also be locational, from the town of Reading in Berkshire, named for the Anglo-Saxon tribe of Readingas. Redding family history starts in 1246, when Grifin del Ruding was added to the Assize Court Rolls of Lancashire. Redding genealogy boasts of several interesting people, like R&B musician Otis Redding and widely-traveled pitcher Tim Redding.

Redding Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Ab Redding-- --, 1944February 19,2005MI
Barbara Redding-- --, 1937April ,1986NJ
C Roger Redding-- --, 1923October 5,2003WA
D Joan Redding-- --, 1929July 8,2005KS

Redding Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Lucille Redding-- --, 1916August 30,2001Oswego,NY
Faith Redding-- --, 1941January 3,2010Auburn,WA
Gabriella Redding-- --, 1909September 14,1990Dearborn,MI
H Dell Redding-- --, 1923January 1,2001Aptos,CA

Redding Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Clyde ReddingHelen OvertonFebruary 22,1942Wake, NC
Francis ReddingMyrna JolleyFebruary 26,1970Kleberg, TX
George ReddingJuanita GreenJanuary 11,2002Wake, NC
Joseph ReddingNancy RobbSeptember 8,1949Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Redding

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2136th: Scruggs2137th: Dobbins
2138th: Russ2139th: Early
2140th: Joiner2141st: Kilpatrick
2142nd: Whipple2143rd: Houck

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