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Rosales Genealogy & History

Rosales is a Spanish and Portuguese surname, from the Old Spanish and Latin rosa, meaning rose. Many towns were named Rosales from the general plural of rosa, and thus it became a locational surname, particularly in Galicia, a Christian kingdom in northwest Spain. Rosales family history comes to America with Diego de Rosales, who sailed to the New World in 1514. Rosales genealogy includes several notable people, such as Cuban General and Agriculture Minister Ulises Rosales and Diamondbacks pitcher Leo Rosales.

Rosales Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abdenago Rosales-- --, 1905May ,1986TX
Bacilia Rosales-- --, 1921September 30,2005TX
Cali Rosales-- --, 1914October 2,2006TX
Dalia Rosales-- --, 1911December 16,2007NY

Rosales Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earnestin Rosales-- --, 1928May 15,1998Kerman,CA
Facunda Rosales-- --, 1904August 22,1997Miami,FL
Gabina Rosales-- --, 1929March 11,2003Pomona,CA
Hannah Rosales-- --, 1910February ,1987Sacramento,CA

Rosales Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Abrahan RosalesBetty PruittDecember 21,1996Wake, NC
Daniel RosalesMaria Perez RuizMarch 14,1997Wake, NC
Wilton RosalesMatilde Miyagi ValverdeOctober 10,2006Wake, NC
Ysaias RosalesMary PerezJanuary 15,1990Live Oak, TX

Most Common Surnames After Rosales

2148th: Macias2149th: Storey
2150th: Herrington2151st: Pease
2152nd: Gilliland2153rd: Villa
2154th: Schell2155th: Callaway
2156th: Shelley2157th: Stump

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