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Ruff Genealogy & History

Ruff derives from the Old English pre-seventh-century ruh, meaning rough. It would have been applied to a person living on or by a patch of rough, uncultivated ground. Ruff family history records numerous variant spellings, including Roffe, Rolfe, Rolph, Roalph, Roff, Ruff, and Rouf. The first recorded spelling of the family name was John le Rug(h) in 1279 in the Hundred Rolls of Oxfordshire. Barbary Rofe settled in New England in 1635. Ruff genealogy includes American financial advisor Howard Ruff; German photographer Thomas Ruff; and American musician Willie Ruff.

Ruff Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Ruff-- --, 1899October ,1966NY
Balfour Ruff-- --, 1923February 9,2000MS
C George Ruff-- --, 1916December 3,1997PA
Dagmar Ruff-- --, 1911December 25,2004IL

Ruff Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Gayle Ruff-- --, 1904October 8,1992Denver,CO
Fanchion Ruff-- --, 1887September ,1980Logan,OH
Gail A Ruff-- --, 1931December 26,2002Arnold,CA
H Alberta Ruff-- --, 1916September 27,2001Stewartstown,PA

Ruff Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Daniel RuffMarilyn SmithMay 16,1963Wake, NC
Edward RuffWilberta PartinOctober 18,1949Wake, NC
James RuffCathryn WhiteDecember 22,1973Wake, NC
Richard RuffTuhina AggarwalApril 11,1992Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Ruff

2042nd: Shipman2043rd: De la Cruz
2044th: Jung2045th: Way
2046th: Gilman2047th: McNulty
2048th: St. Clair2049th: Higginbotham
2050th: Anders2051st: McClelland

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