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Stahl Genealogy & History

Stahl dates back to Brandenburg area of medieval Prussia, with branches in Norway and Denmark in the late Middle Ages. Derived from Middle High German stal, meaning steel or armor, it was an occupational name for a blacksmith, foundry-worker, or maker of armor. The Stahl coat of arms has a silver griffin and a silver arrow, signifying military valor and sincerity. The spelling variations in Stahl genealogy include Staal, Stahelin, Stahlberg, Stahlburger, Stahle, Stahler. Stahli, Stahlin, Stall, and Steels. Georg Stahl was the personal physician to the King of Prussia in 1714. Stahl family history in America dates to 1641, when Gustaf Stahl emigrated to Delaware.

Stahl Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Stahl-- --, 1912July ,1969NY
Banks Stahl-- --, 1891January ,1977PA
C Drew Stahl-- --, 1923July 2,2001PA
D Emil Stahl-- --, 1889June ,1975IL

Stahl Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Eloise Stahl-- --, 1915January 10,1999Fort Wayne,IN
Fabian Stahl-- --, 1911December 6,1987Slaton,TX
Gage Stahl-- --, 1887July ,1978Salem,OR
H Richard Stahl-- --, 1917March 5,2008Greensburg,PA

Stahl Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Edwin StahlPauline HoodDecember 23,1933Wake, NC
Gregory StahlJacqueline HaidtNovember 4,2000Wake, NC
Paul StahlElsie EllisOctober 28,1939Wake, NC
Raymond StahlRuth SkeathSeptember 7,1948Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Stahl

1195th: Lam1196th: Rosenthal
1197th: Nicholas1198th: Elkins
1199th: Rouse1200th: Metcalf
1201st: Weston1202nd: Herbert
1203rd: Christopher1204th: Pryor

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