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Pryor Genealogy & History

Old English names, like Pryor, typically arise from Norman or Saxon invasions. In the case of the Pryor genealogy, its surname stems from the Norman Conquest of 1066. The etymology of the Pryor surname gives very specific information on the early ancestors in the Pryor family history. The word describes a high-ranking church official working in a monastery (the modern prior), so this means that the first bearers of the Pryor name were likely executives in their churches. The achievements of the Pryor family are quite diverse, ranging from a well-known comedian Richard Pryor, to Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor.

Pryor Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Antwine Pryor-- --, 1930April 16,2010OK
Barbara Pryor-- --, 1924January 24,2006ME
C George Pryor-- --, 1922April 20,1991IL
Dagmar Pryor-- --, 1941April 3,2007FL

Pryor Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Pryor-- --, 1915December 7,1997Hampton,VA
Fabrice Pryor-- --, 1903August ,1982Houston,TX
G Nadine Pryor-- --, 1925February 7,2006Quincy,IL
H Eldred Pryor-- --, 1932June 9,2001Bryan,TX

Pryor Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Charlie PryorRita MooreJune 9,1984Wake, NC
Eddie PryorJohanna NipperFebruary 17,2001Travis, TX
Freddie PryorNevelyn McgeeNovember 12,2001Dallas, TX
Gary PryorLinda BurgeNovember 20,2000Henderson, TX

Most Common Surnames After Pryor

1205th: Regan1206th: Link
1207th: Joyner1208th: Dunham
1209th: Dodge1210th: Leslie
1211th: Cortez1212th: De Leon
1213th: Bingham1214th: Masters

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