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Abel Genealogy & History

Abel, an English-Scottish name popularized during the Crusades, is derived from the personal biblical name Abel/Hevel, the son of Adam murdered by his brother Cain, symbolizing suffering and innocence. Abel family history dates from feudal times in Kent in southeast England, and Abel name-holders were among the earliest settlers in North America: Robert Abel landed in Massachusetts in 1630 with the Winthrop fleet. The family motto, vive le roi, means long live the King; the three red boards heads on the coat of arms signify hospitality. Spelling variations in Abel genealogy are numerous: Abeal, Abeel, Abelle, Abill, Able, Habel, and the patronymic Abeles, Abelson and Ebelson.

Abel Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Abel-- --, 1907November 18,1992IL
Banta Abel-- --, 1881August 15,1971AL
C Fred Abel-- --, 1918November 13,2007PA
Daisy Abel-- --, 1886October ,1979NY

Abel Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Glynn Abel-- --, 1913March 22,2008Lafayette,LA
Falconer Abel-- --, 1894January 28,1988Wilmington,CA
Gabriel Abel-- --, 1905January 29,1996Massapequa Park,NY
H Deette Abel-- --, 1923December 10,2009Milton Freewater,OR

Abel Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Aaron AbelAmy TracyJanuary 8,2000M Clennan, TX
Brian AbelStephanie JensenSeptember 28,2000Wichita, TX
Daniel AbelCara VandykeDecember 13,2001Tom Green, TX
Earl AbelCullene BarbourNovember 14,1981Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Abel

1497th: Schwarz1498th: Munson
1499th: Tidwell1500th: Pelletier
1501st: Brand1502nd: Clemons
1503rd: Hinson1504th: John
1505th: Baer1506th: McCormack

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