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Avery Genealogy & History

Avery is an unusual English name of uncertain origin. The meaning may be "elf-ruler", derived from Old French "Aubri", which comes from the Germanic "Alberic" ("alb" meaning elf; "ric" meaning power), or "elf-kingdom" from the Old English personal name "Aelfric", or "every" from Anglo-Norman "Evreux", or "bird-keeper" from Latin "Aviarius". Avery is found in France as a county in Normandy and in Navarra (Northern Spain) where the House of Evreux ruled in 1328-1441. Avery family history in England includes a family seat in Northumberland in ancient times. A coat of arms was granted in 1579 to the Warwickshire branch. American Avery genealogy dates to the 1630s.

Avery Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Claire Avery-- --, 1901January 5,1994MA
B Leonard Avery-- --, 1917November 14,1990IL
C Allen Avery-- --, 1935May ,1987ID
D Robert Avery-- --, 1915February 4,1994MA

Avery Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Ruth Avery-- --, 1921August 14,1999Independence,MO
F Robert Avery-- --, 1923December 21,2009Mendota,IL
G Mason Avery-- --, 1923January 8,1993Sunbury,PA
H Jean Avery-- --, 1924October 27,2003Monroe,NC

Avery Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alger AveryMaude JohnsonDecember 25,1937Wake, NC
Braxton AveryMartha JonesMarch 22,1952Wake, NC
Charlie AveryMonnie DixonDecember 24,1934Wake, NC
Dexter AveryThelma SandersMarch 23,1940Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Avery

786th: Charles787th: Lange
788th: Daly789th: Singh
790th: Pena791st: Compton
792nd: Finley793rd: Aguilar
794th: Dickson795th: Mooney

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