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Blackwell is an ancient locational English name, derived from Old English "blaec" meaning black and "waella" meaning stream. Ancient Blackwell family history begins with "Blacheuuelle" in Derbyshire, where they held a family seat (feudal home) and "Blacwaelle" in Durham. One of the first surnames ever recorded in England was Blacewellan in 1012 in Wocestershire. The Blackwell coat of arms is silver with a black greyhound: black stands for constancy and the greyhound nobility; popular in Greek and Roman mythology, greyhounds were long reserved for nobility ownership in England. In America the Blackwell genealogy begins in Massachusetts and Virginia in the mid-1630s.

Blackwell Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Curtis Blackwell-- --, 1924October 30,2006NC
Balzora Blackwell-- --, 1914October ,1998MO
C Leslie Blackwell-- --, 1916January 17,1994NC
D J Blackwell-- --, 1929March 15,1995GA

Blackwell Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Clyde Blackwell-- --, 1916November 1,1998Roswell,NM
F Oris Blackwell-- --, 1925November 4,2006Washington,NC
G Chloe Blackwell-- --, 1918March 31,2008East Prairie,MO
Hajj Blackwell-- --, 1969January 4,2008Philadelphia,PA

Blackwell Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
David BlackwellLinda FischbachOctober 21,1995Wake, NC
Elwood BlackwellNannie SmithJune 4,1949Wake, NC
Glenn BlackwellEleanor OswaldJanuary 19,1968Wake, NC
Joseph BlackwellAnnie WeathersNovember 25,1932Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Blackwell

658th: Huber659th: Bender
660th: O'Connell661st: Santos
662nd: Prince663rd: Chan
664th: Haas665th: Fitzpatrick
666th: Vaughan667th: Hendricks

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