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Breen Genealogy & History

Tinsley family history shows that this English and Irish surname is of Anglo-Saxon origin. It is a a locational name derived from the given name Tynni and leah, meaning a clearing in a forest, so it refers to the farm of a person named Tynni. It later came to refer to the village of Tinsley in Yorkshire or Essex. Alternative spellings in Tinsley genealogy include Tynsley, Tynsely, Tinsey, and Tinsy. The Tinsley coat of arms is described as having a chevron between three red wolves' heads on a silver shield. A prominent members of the Tinsley family is Mallard Fillmore cartoonist Edward Bruce Tinsley IV.

Breen Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A John Breen-- --, 1918January 27,1993NY
Barbara Breen-- --, 1925March 5,2004MA
Carl Breen-- --, 1931March 4,1997VA
Daisy Breen-- --, 1919November 1,1991IN

Breen Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Breen-- --, 1939September 18,2002Fayetteville,NC
F Glenn Breen-- --, 1912April 2,1998Langhorne,PA
Gaetana Breen-- --, 1906August 6,2005Marksville,LA
Hal Breen-- --, 1919December 27,2005Phoenix,AZ

Breen Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Joseph BreenLeslee BoykinMay 25,1996Wake, NC
Michael BreenMarci CzapliskieJune 3,2000Tarrant, TX
William BreenMarlucia LopezDecember 28,2006Tarrant, TX
Harry BreenJoyce McnattAugust 30,1969Dallas, TX

Most Common Surnames After Breen

2127th: Tinsley2128th: Clinton
2129th: Schubert2130th: Rees
2131st: Ransom2132nd: Paige
2133rd: Redding2134th: Earl
2135th: Upton2136th: Scruggs

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