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Ervin Genealogy & History

Ervin is an English surname, ultimately from the Old English given name Eoforwine, a compound name with the elements eofor, for wild boar, and wine, for friend, It might also be a locational Scottish surname, from Irvine in Strathclyde and Irving in Dumfriesshire, both likely from a Celtic river name and related to the Welsh ir or yr, for green or fresh, and afon, which means water. Lastly, it could be from the Gaelic O'Heireamhoin, meaning a son of Eireamhon. Ervin family history begins with Robert de Hhirewyn, noted as a witness in 1226 in Dumfriesshire. Ervin genealogy includes the public figures 20-year North Carolina Senator Sam Ervin.

Ervin Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Hazel Ervin-- --, 1913December 22,1996MO
Barbara Ervin-- --, 1912January 9,1999VA
C Virginia Ervin-- --, 1919March 26,2007OH
Daisy Ervin-- --, 1880March ,1979NC

Ervin Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Lynn Ervin-- --, 1931June 25,2008Lancaster,PA
Fairview Ervin-- --, 1911March 8,1997Chicago,IL
Gail Ervin-- --, 1942August 27,2007Mooresville,NC
H Paul Ervin-- --, 1919October 3,2000Chattanooga,TN

Ervin Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Chad ErvinMary ObryantJuly 22,2006Wake, NC
Darrell ErvinDonna RecordJuly 2,2000Rockwall, TX
Everett ErvinGwendolyne LewisMarch 2,2000Dallas, TX
George ErvinLinda MuhleJanuary 16,2000Taylor, TX

Most Common Surnames After Ervin

1456th: Carrillo1457th: Gee
1458th: Rainey1459th: Kilgore
1460th: Read1461st: Mayes
1462nd: Landis1463rd: Tripp
1464th: Lau1465th: Herndon

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