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Fuchs Genealogy & History

Fuchs family history records that this is a Germanic family name deriving from an Old German word meaning fox and given to one who was admired for speed and cunning. Appearing throughout Europe in many forms, variant spellings include Fox, Foxe, Foxman, Foch, Fochs, Fuchs, Fuchsel, Voske, Vossgen, Voss, De Vos, Focks, and Fuxman. Sir Patrick Fox of Moyvore, County Westmeath, Ireland, was the state interpreter of Irish in 1568; John Fox left London for the New World in 1635. Fuchs genealogy includes British geologist and polar explorer Vivian Fuchs, American violist Lillian Fuchs, and Austrian-born composer and conductor Peter Paul Fuchs.

Fuchs Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Fuchs-- --, 1921October 10,2006NY
Babetta Fuchs-- --, 1888October 15,1970WI
C Alieene Fuchs-- --, 1909July 7,2000MD
Dagmar Fuchs-- --, 1943June 22,2002CT

Fuchs Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Rod Fuchs-- --, 1913April ,1983Barrington,IL
Fani Fuchs-- --, 1915October 13,2008Brooklyn,NY
Gail Fuchs-- --, 1944September ,1983Cadott,WI
H Lucille Fuchs-- --, 1919July 6,1997Farmersville,IL

Fuchs Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Bernard FuchsRuth BeitelMay 27,1943Wake, NC
Carsten FuchsMary WillisAugust 27,2005Wake, NC
David FuchsSusanne MestepeyMarch 17,2001Brazoria, TX
Graham FuchsHeidi KrachtJune 29,2002Travis, TX

Most Common Surnames After Fuchs

2034th: Goodson2035th: Daigle
2036th: Isaacs2037th: Falk
2038th: Baughman2039th: Templeton
2040th: Coats2041st: Ruff
2042nd: Shipman2043rd: De la Cruz

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