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Galloway is an Irish surname, taken directly from County Galloway in southwest Ireland. The name of the county comes from Old Gaelic "gall", meaning a stranger or foreigner, and Old English "weg", meaning a road or navigable sea area. Galloway family history begins with Thomas de Galwethia, the earl of Atholl, and the record of his land grant to Neubotle Abbey in 1230. Galloway genealogy includes many famous people, like Scottish politician and activist George Galloway and British General Alexander Galloway. In addition, Galloway Township, a small town in New Jersey, may have been named for Loyalist delegate Joseph Galloway.

Galloway Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Gale Galloway-- --, 1924October 18,2000OH
Baldwin Galloway-- --, 1929April 14,1994CA
C Odell Galloway-- --, 1918December 15,1989NC
D Geneva Galloway-- --, 1953October 31,1997AL

Galloway Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Dexter Galloway-- --, 1930April 28,2008Hutchinson,KS
F Clark Galloway-- --, 1930November 18,2002Oakland,CA
Gabe Galloway-- --, 1918August 22,2005Oakland,CA
H Syndey Galloway-- --, 1923March 9,2000Indialantic,FL

Galloway Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Benedict GallowayMargaret HoltNovember 19,1941Wake, NC
Eddie GallowayDearie WilliamsOctober 1,1931Wake, NC
Gary GallowayStephanie WilliamsNovember 9,1996Wake, NC
James GallowaySara SuggApril 30,1936Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Galloway

892nd: Petty893rd: Camp
894th: Guzman895th: McGowan
896th: Slater897th: Hartley
898th: Mays899th: Hickey
900th: Mosley901st: Odell

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