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Kendall Genealogy & History

Kendall is an English surname from both Anglo-Saxon and Old Norse. Both ways are locational but from two different places, in Westmoreland and Yorkshire. Kendal in Westmoreland was originally called Kirkby Kendal, meaning "valley of the River Kent", from the Breton river name Cunetio and Old English dael, which means valley. The place name Kendale (in Yorkshire) comes from the Old Norse kelda, meaning spring, and dalr, valley. Kendall family history begins with John de Kendale, entered in the Lancashire Subsidy Rolls in 1332. Well-known members of Kendall genealogy include Amos Kendall, Postmaster General under Jackson and Van Buren, and Nobel laureate in physics Henry Kendall.

Kendall Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aage Kendall-- --, 1904January 2,1993NY
B Lynn Kendall-- --, 1920December 20,2002UT
Cabot Kendall-- --, 1895January 6,1989NJ
D Homer Kendall-- --, 1913January 31,1991MD

Kendall Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Allen Kendall-- --, 1925August 26,1992Cleveland,TN
F Russell Kendall-- --, 1920January 2,2005Houston,TX
G Barbara Kendall-- --, 1913June 6,1991Buffalo,NY
Hada Kendall-- --, 1922May 9,2003Miami,FL

Kendall Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Brian KendallKathy MccullochJanuary 1,1983Wake, NC
Dennis KendallBeverly CohenFebruary 8,1965Wake, NC
Osker KendallCarrie FowlerJune 22,1931Wake, NC
Mark KendallKaren MorganMarch 10,1981Wake, NC

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918th: Starr919th: Carver
920th: Greenberg921st: Dwyer
922nd: Bolton923rd: Le
924th: Mayo925th: Ferrell

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