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Lawler Genealogy & History

Lawler is an Irish patronymic surname from the Gaelic O�Leathlobhair, meaning son of the fairly sick one, from the elements leath, meaning half or somewhat, and labor, meaning sick. Thus, it was likely a nickname for a man who wasn�t terribly sturdy when it came to physical health. Lawler family history starts in 1577, when Harry Lalor, hero of the battle of Mullaghmast, was noted in the Records of County Leix. Lawler genealogy includes such notable people as Union General Michael Lawler, actor and director Ray Lawler, artist and photographer Louise Lawler, and model and TV and radio presenter Kate Lawler.

Lawler Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Cecil Lawler-- --, 1915December 26,1990TX
Baker Lawler-- --, 1911April ,1994DC
Callie Lawler-- --, 1904February 24,1994TN
Daisy Lawler-- --, 1885November ,1970IL

Lawler Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Eugene Lawler-- --, 1914July 20,2000Wichita,KS
Fabian Lawler-- --, 1896September ,1971Rochester,MN
G Denise Lawler-- --, 1945December 30,1990Phoenix,AZ
Hal Lawler-- --, 1884March ,1969La Porte,TX

Lawler Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Jack LawlerTamara EmoryOctober 30,1999Wake, NC
Virgil LawlerMary DossSeptember 16,1977Kimble, TX
Patrick LawlerDorothy BrooksOctober 18,1975Nueces, TX
Ocie LawlerBrenda ThompsonNovember 8,1968Lamar, TX

Most Common Surnames After Lawler

1927th: Ryder1928th: Rowley
1929th: Humphreys1930th: Barrow
1931st: Hutson1932nd: Rowell
1933rd: Borden1934th: Leone
1935th: Hope1936th: Rodriquez

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