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Lloyd Genealogy & History

Lloyd family history shows that this surname is derived from Old Welsh and Middle English. It comes from "lwyd", which means gray. It was probably a nickname and may have been given to either an older person with gray hair or to a religious person such as a monk who wore gray clothing. This surname was first recorded as Richard Loyt in 1327. Famous people whose names can be found in Lloyd genealogy include silent film comedian Harold Lloyd; character actor Christopher Lloyd; Andrew Lloyd Webber (Baron Lloyd-Webber), musical theater composer; and architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Lloyd Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Calden Lloyd-- --, 1918January 13,1999DC
Babe Lloyd-- --, 1898March ,1968OH
C Robert Lloyd-- --, 1927May 9,2006MN
D Haydn Lloyd-- --, 1923June 17,2000OH

Lloyd Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Carl Lloyd-- --, 1915January 6,2001Chillicothe,OH
F Elizabet Lloyd-- --, 1920November 10,2002Saxtons River,VT
Gaie Lloyd-- --, 1921March ,1977Newport News,VA
H Huntley Lloyd-- --, 1917May 20,1995Erie,PA

Lloyd Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Bobby LloydCarole MartinSeptember 6,1958Wake, NC
Charles LloydHilda PerryJune 29,1946Wake, NC
Dudley LloydEstelle ScarboroJuly 30,1938Wake, NC
Earl LloydCarmel KeithDecember 24,1944Wake, NC

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432nd: Conner433rd: Chen
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