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Lovell Genealogy & History

Lovell genealogy is English, though the name derives from Norman French components. It was originally a descriptive nickname from the word lou, meaning wolf, and the diminuitive suffix el; therefore it originally meant little wolf. One of the first recorded spellings was that of Richard Lupellus (Latin for little wolf) near the start of the twelfth century. Alternate spellings include Lovel and Lowell. A Lovell family crest depicts three red wolf heads around a black chevron on a light gray shield. Lovell family history includes Jim Lovell, commander of the Apollo 13 space mission, and American painter Tim Lovell.

Lovell Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Lovell-- --, 1905May 22,1991TX
Barbara Lovell-- --, 1915July 17,2002MA
C Marvin Lovell-- --, 1916March 16,2001NE
D Marjorie Lovell-- --, 1918October 12,2005MA

Lovell Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Irene Lovell-- --, 1927December 13,2000Lakeland,FL
F Robert Lovell-- --, 1917September 7,1994Fort Collins,CO
Gail Lovell-- --, 1908December ,1981Enid,OK
Haacon Lovell-- --, 1895March ,1979Arlington Heights,IL

Lovell Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Arthur LovellKristine MitchellJuly 4,1992Wake, NC
Frankie LovellStephanie MikeworthSeptember 15,2001Taylor, TX
Joseph LovellEleonore TherriaultAugust 10,1931Wake, NC
Michael LovellPatricia LynchApril 25,1976Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Lovell

1409th: Beyer1410th: Kahn
1411th: Epstein1412th: Lockwood
1413th: McGraw1414th: Lacy
1415th: Abraham1416th: Flaherty
1417th: Trevino1418th: Yost

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