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Yost Genealogy & History

The Yost genealogy is predominately linked to Central and Southern Germany. The surname Yost is a derivative of Jost, an alternative spelling of Joos. Those interested in Yost family history speculate that the surname Yost descends from the words Jodocus, meaning one experienced in battle. More than 240 people with that surname fought in the American Civil War. Some of the more famous Yosts include actor David Harold Yost, football coach Fielding Harris Yost, television screenwriter Graham Yost, hot air balloon inventor Paul Edward Yost, and cofounder of the French clarinet school Michel Yost. Yost is a ghost town in Box Elder County, Utah.

Yost Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Irene Yost-- --, 1911August 7,2006PA
Barbara Yost-- --, 1935January 2,2000CT
C Robert Yost-- --, 1920November 26,2007ID
Daisy Yost-- --, 1909December 15,1994TN

Yost Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Jane Yost-- --, 1928April 16,1991Marietta,OH
F Peter Yost-- --, 1917January 22,1991Aston,PA
Gabriella Yost-- --, 1903June ,1972Cambridge,OH
H Allen Yost-- --, 1920August 27,1994Sterling,CO

Yost Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Christopher YostMarsha FishJune 1,1985Wake, NC
Duncan YostCarolyn JohnsonJune 20,1981Wake, NC
Edward YostJean HuddleJuly 10,1994Wake, NC
Garry YostAmy WoodardFebruary 14,2002Collin, TX

Most Common Surnames After Yost

1419th: Weir1420th: Bergman
1421st: Eddy1422nd: Sadler
1423rd: Polk1424th: Lilly
1425th: Toth1426th: McHugh
1427th: Caruso1428th: Kearney

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