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Maier Genealogy & History

Maier is an English name derived from Middle English/Latin maire, meaning superior, an occupational name for a mayor of a town. Maier is also a German/Dutch variation of Mayer/Meyer. Other spellings in Maier genealogy include Mair, Maire, Meir, Mere, and Myer. In 1426, the Scottish Parliament described the mair as the King's Sergeant. The family name of Maier is first found in Cheshire with the family's feudal estate. A Scottish coat of arms has a black lymphad (ship), signifying hope; its English counterpart has daggers, signifying power. American Maier family history includes John Mayer, emigrant to Virginia by 1623, and Andries Maier, emigrant to New York in 1709.

Maier Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A J Maier-- --, 1926December 27,2007MI
Babette Maier-- --, 1899December 6,1988NY
Calvin Maier-- --, 1925February 5,1985PA
D Elaine Maier-- --, 1919July ,1986OH

Maier Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Maier-- --, 1912January ,1977Rochester,NY
Fairie Maier-- --, 1906March ,1974Fort Dodge,IA
G Donald Maier-- --, 1938April 28,1993Bridgeton,NJ
H Paul Maier-- --, 1915August 23,1989Evansville,IN

Maier Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Andrew MaierMerrie RowseyMarch 4,2000Galveston, TX
Charles MaierKaren Carling KellyFebruary 9,1974Wake, NC
Eric MaierJennifer CookJune 8,2002Dallas, TX
Frank MaierBeverly IrvinFebruary 7,2001Nueces, TX

Most Common Surnames After Maier

1743rd: Wetzel1744th: Wilkes
1745th: Cheng1746th: Stoner
1747th: Stapleton1748th: Hawk
1749th: Prescott1750th: Rivas
1751st: Grover1752nd: Overton

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