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McCollum Genealogy & History

McCollum is a Scottish name. It was originally derived from the Gaelic personal name MacCaluim. That name is composed of the prefix Mac, meaning son of, and the personal name Caluim, ultimately derived from the world colm, meaning dove. McCollum family history is first found in Argyllshire, with Reginald MacCollum (an alternate spelling) recorded in 1414 as the constable of Craignish Castle. McCollum genealogy includes Elmer McCollum, instrumental in the discovery of Vitamins A and D, and Vashti McCollum, the plaintiff in the Supreme Court case that eliminated religious instruction in public schools. The McCollum family motto, in ardua petit, means he has attempted difficult things.

McCollum Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Mccollum-- --, 1908February ,1981GA
Barbara Mccollum-- --, 1933March 30,1995NY
C Pauline Mccollum-- --, 1917July ,1978PA
Daisy Mccollum-- --, 1898August ,1985NC

McCollum Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Mccollum-- --, 1909January 12,1997Michigan City,IN
F Gregory Mccollum-- --, 1931March 27,2009Waynesville,NC
Gail Mccollum-- --, 1923April 5,2007San Antonio,TX
H Clay Mccollum-- --, 1915December 26,1999Tuscaloosa,AL

McCollum Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Anthony MccollumSarah WashingtonMay 31,2004Wake, NC
David MccollumAshley BreenOctober 8,2004Wake, NC
Edgar MccollumMary BrittonJanuary 17,1953Wake, NC
George MccollumBeverly AndersonMay 24,1971Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After McCollum

1482nd: Hurd1483rd: Rudolph
1484th: Duvall1485th: Ramey
1486th: Wiseman1487th: Carlisle
1488th: Corcoran1489th: Amos
1490th: Farr1491st: Lanier

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