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McKinley Genealogy & History

McKinley is an Irish patronymic surname with two major origins. In the Gaelic name Mac Fhionnlaigh, Mac means son of, fionn means fair or pale-skinned, and laoch means warrior. Given that the Irish are famed for being freckled and red-haired, it's likely a name for a marauding Norseman. Second, it might come from Mac an Leagha, meaning the son of the physician. McKinley family history begins with Gillaspyk M'Kynlay, witness to an instrument of Sasine in the Parochial Records of Argyllshire in 1493. Some well-known members of McKinley genealogy are President William McKinley, fantasy author Robin McKinley, and Alabama Senator and Supreme Court Justice John McKinley.

McKinley Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaro Mckinley-- --, 1927June 15,2000TX
Barbara Mckinley-- --, 1933April 5,1991ME
Cal Mckinley-- --, 1918September 4,1989OR
Dadreyon Mckinley-- --, 1928April 5,2007KS

McKinley Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Algemeni Mckinley-- --, 1920April 30,2000Philadelphia,PA
F Claudine Mckinley-- --, 1919June 26,2002Longview,TX
Gail Mckinley-- --, 1955March 6,2007Meriden,CT
H Evan Mckinley-- --, 1918September 25,1996Morristown,TN

McKinley Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Aaron MckinleyLynn KerrJune 15,2001Harrison, TX
Brian MckinleyRebeca MyersMay 26,2001Travis, TX
Chad MckinleyRosemary RamosDecember 30,2000Ector, TX
Darwin MckinleySheila DurbinJune 30,2000Montague, TX

Most Common Surnames After McKinley

1272nd: Holbrook1273rd: Finn
1274th: Quick1275th: Inman
1276th: Swan1277th: Figueroa
1278th: Sherwood1279th: Pedersen
1280th: Davison1281st: Painter

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