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Messina Genealogy & History

Messina is a locational name for people from Messina, Italy. The family coat of arms is a red shield with an azure band from upper left to lower right and three gold six-pointed stars on it; there is a plain silver crosslet above and below the band. Messina family history tells us that George Messina is the first known of the name to migrate to America; he settled in Philadelphia in 1836. Two members of the Messina genealogy are road bicycle and track cyclist Guido Messina and singer/songwriter, guitarist, and rock music producer Jim Messina.

Messina Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Ada Messina-- --, 1914October 4,1993NJ
Babara Messina-- --, 1909July ,1984LA
Callie Messina-- --, 1907May 22,1997TX
Dale Messina-- --, 1937January 6,2004LA

Messina Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Edith Messina-- --, 1918January 17,2006Medford,MA
Fannie Messina-- --, 1896May ,1975Easton,PA
Gabriele Messina-- --, 1894October 24,1996East Islip,NY
Harriet Messina-- --, 1913December 25,2008Yarmouth Port,MA

Messina Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Frank MessinaKathy PowellOctober 26,2001Wake, NC
Joseph MessinaLayne MurrayJune 29,1967Wake, NC
William MessinaTeresa KonopFebruary 12,1972CUYAHOGA, OH
Scott MessinaNadia ChoyOctober 2,2004Dallas, TX

Most Common Surnames After Messina

2398th: Ferraro2399th: Lusk
2400th: Peoples2401st: Bellamy
2402nd: Duarte2403rd: Denney
2404th: Sommers2405th: Leahy
2406th: Ayres2407th: Pepper

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