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Nesbitt Genealogy & History

Nesbitt is a Scottish locational name taken from any of several villages in Durham, Roxburghshire, Northumberland, or Berwick. Derived from nes, meaning nose, and bit, meaning either a bit or a bend such as in a river, the name was first recorded as Nisbit. Nesbitt family history lists the family seat as Berwickshire. The land was given as a charter, which is still in Durham Cathedral, to the founder of the family Aldan de Nisbet in 1139 by King David I. Nesbitt genealogy describes the family's coat of arms as a silver shield with three black boars' heads.

Nesbitt Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Roy Nesbitt-- --, 1923June 29,1991NV
Babe Nesbitt-- --, 1895September ,1968OH
Caggie Nesbitt-- --, 1904January ,1972NJ
Daisy Nesbitt-- --, 1918January 31,1996MA

Nesbitt Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Faye Nesbitt-- --, 1924November 30,2001Wheeling,WV
Fae Nesbitt-- --, 1885April ,1971Des Moines,IA
Gammon Nesbitt-- --, 1898January ,1968Shreveport,LA
H Philip Nesbitt-- --, 1922April 29,1999Kensington,MD

Nesbitt Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Barry NesbittKimberly BellamyFebruary 9,1980Wake, NC
Cedric NesbittJulie AltamiranoFebruary 2,2002Aransas, TX
Edward NesbittJoelle BombardSeptember 11,1998Wake, NC
Frances NesbittAnna SaulanSeptember 30,1953Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Nesbitt

2436th: Schweitzer2437th: Galvan
2438th: Galvin2439th: Bigelow
2440th: Keck2441st: Chisholm
2442nd: Christenson2443rd: Hite
2444th: Seibert2445th: Sisson

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