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Seibert Genealogy & History

Seibert is a German name. It was originally taken from one of the German personal names derived from combining the words sigi, which means victory, and berht, which means bright or famous. Seibert family history began in the northern areas of Prussia; some sources trace it back to the surname Sybrecht, Latin form Sybertus, both of which are recorded in the 1320 Breslau Chronicles. Seibert genealogy includes Frederick Seibert, a prolific film and television producer, and Florence B. Seibert, who isolated a pure form of tuberculin and is in the US National Women�s Hall of Fame.

Seibert Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A L Seibert-- --, 1921July ,1992CA
Barbara Seibert-- --, 1938June 8,2008NY
C Gene Seibert-- --, 1921August 31,2006NJ
Daisy Seibert-- --, 1904October 26,2001PA

Seibert Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Jane Seibert-- --, 1921July 23,1996Lititz,PA
Faith Seibert-- --, 1903May ,1987Port Huron,MI
Gaius Seibert-- --, 1912October ,1981Cleveland,OH
H Homer Seibert-- --, 1928April 17,2000Ronan,MT

Seibert Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Andreas SeibertShibani DasSeptember 18,2004Wake, NC
Charles SeibertElizabeth RektorikAugust 6,1966Nueces, TX
Harvey SeibertCarol HolleyMay 13,1966Taylor, TX
Van SeibertTheresa ClappisonDecember 19,2006ADAMS, OH

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2447th: Switzer2448th: Nagle
2449th: Shore2450th: Barclay
2451st: Epperson2452nd: Marlow
2453rd: Asher2454th: Lieberman

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