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Schweitzer Genealogy & History

Schweitzer is a surname of German origin. Schweitzer family history traces the original of this name to medieval Austria. It is a topographical name. The Schweitzer coat of arms shows a red fesse with a silver eagle with a gold crown and two gold fesses with a black bear passant. Alternative spellings include Switzer, Schweizer, Schwitzer, and Schwyzer. The Schweitzer family crest is an eagle. A renowned family member listed in Schweitzer genealogy was explorer, philanthropist, and Nobel Peace Price recipient Albert Schweitzer, who performed health care work in the Congo for many years.

Schweitzer Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Schweitzer-- --, 1901October ,1977NY
Balser Schweitzer-- --, 1918November 21,1994MO
Callie Schweitzer-- --, 1943January 6,1995KY
Daisy Schweitzer-- --, 1885May ,1975PA

Schweitzer Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Schweitzer-- --, 1921January ,1986York,PA
Fannie Schweitzer-- --, 1899August ,1982New York,NY
Garland Schweitzer-- --, 1913December 23,1994Ness City,KS
H Dorothy Schweitzer-- --, 1915April 19,1990Mount Vernon,OH

Schweitzer Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Albert SchweitzerDorothy WasonApril 7,2001Floyd, TX
David SchweitzerMelissa DonleyJune 3,2001Hays, TX
Robert SchweitzerAdrienne ThoetJune 6,1953Wake, NC
Peter SchweitzerCarol CousinsJuly 15,1972Harris, TX

Most Common Surnames After Schweitzer

2437th: Galvan2438th: Galvin
2439th: Bigelow2440th: Keck
2441st: Chisholm2442nd: Christenson
2443rd: Hite2444th: Seibert
2445th: Sisson2446th: Longo

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