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Purdy Genealogy & History

Purdy is an anglicized form of the pre-10th-century Old French par Dieu, meaning by God. This unique name indicated someone who was given to swearing and particularly taking the name of God in vain. There are numerous spellings of the name, including Pardoe, Purdy, Perdew, Perdue, Pardy, and Purdie. Purdy family history tells us that the first known recording of the name is Richard Parde in the Feet of Fines in Suffolk, England, in 1228. Among members found in the Purdy genealogy are Lieutenant Commander Frederick Warren Purdy; professional golfer Theodore Townsend Purdy; and folk singer-songwriter and musician Joe Purdy.

Purdy Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Frank Purdy-- --, 1888August ,1984PA
Bailey Purdy-- --, 1911April 26,1988TN
C Mccord Purdy-- --, 1915January 19,1991IN
Daisie Purdy-- --, 1883July ,1973IL

Purdy Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Dean Purdy-- --, 1912April 30,1996Port Charlotte,FL
Faith Purdy-- --, 1920October 22,1997Ely,MN
G James Purdy-- --, 1917September 15,1996Sun City Center,FL
H Bertha Purdy-- --, 1919February ,1983Endicott,NY

Purdy Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Corydon PurdyRebecca FitzgeraldJuly 11,2002Wake, NC
Greg PurdyKim BlairOctober 8,1999Wake, NC
Louis PurdyEdna PaulJanuary 30,1937Wake, NC
Ronald PurdyPhyllis WallAugust 12,1961Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Purdy

1767th: Dow1768th: Whittington
1769th: Foote1770th: Coon
1771st: Ambrose1772nd: Fay
1773rd: Coughlin1774th: Meehan
1775th: Currie1776th: Nugent

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