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Sims Genealogy & History

Sims genealogy is Scottish and originates in East Lothian, specifically among the ancient Boernician tribes. It is a late form of patronymic meaning "son of Simon". The name Simon was originally a given name with two origins. One origin is Biblical, from the Hebrew "Shimon", meaning "he who hearkens". This could become the names Simon or Simeon. The other origin is Greek from the word "simos", meaning a person with a small or flat nose. Early American Sims family history includes Andrew Sims, who landed in Virginia in the 1630s and Bartholomew Sims who also came to Virginia in the 1660s.

Sims Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Anges Sims-- --, 1956December 1,1990AK
Bailey Sims-- --, 1925August 24,2010TN
C Elrod Sims-- --, 1917July 7,1996GA
Darryl Sims-- --, 1956October 31,1990FL

Sims Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Agnete Sims-- --, 1923May 23,1996Alexis,IL
F June Sims-- --, 1925March 25,2005Canton,OH
G Michael Sims-- --, 1962October 18,1994Clarksville,AR
H Clint Sims-- --, 1915February 27,2004Tupelo,MS

Sims Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Brown SimsThelma TerrellJune 21,1947Wake, NC
Coleman SimsClara LaddSeptember 7,1946Wake, NC
Jesse SimsEstelle ByrdNovember 25,1936Wake, NC
Harold SimsThelma JoynerJanuary 9,1938Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Sims

253rd: McCarthy254th: Lucas
255th: Craig256th: Gonzales
257th: Lambert258th: Barnett
259th: Zimmerman260th: Wolfe
261st: Bates262nd: Washington

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