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The surname Stock can be of either English or German origin. Stock family history shows the English and German names derives from stocc, meaning tree trunk, and refers to either someone who lived near a fallen tree or had a stout, stocky appearance. The German stoc also means stubborn and may refer to a stubborn person. It may also describe someone who placed people in the stocks as punishment. The English name originated in Pembrokeshire, while the German version originated in Rothenburg in Bavaria. Alternative spellings listed in Stock genealogy include Stocke, Stocken, Stocker, and Stockman.

Stock Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Clarence Stock-- --, 1927August 17,2010OH
Barbara Stock-- --, 1913January ,1987OH
C Wilbur Stock-- --, 1934September 30,2006MO
Daisy Stock-- --, 1917December ,1991OK

Stock Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Stock-- --, 1924May 14,1993Fort Plain,NY
Fannie Stock-- --, 1909March ,1985Brooklyn,NY
G Eunice Stock-- --, 1922November 1,2007Houston,TX
Hadassah Stock-- --, 1904November ,1970Brooklyn,NY

Stock Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Paul StockConnie JohnsonJuly 4,1981Wake, NC
Marc StockMary SavanickJune 17,1989Wake, NC
William StockIrma PrenticeMay 26,2001Comal, TX
Ul StockFermin IturbideMarch 4,2002Winnem, NV

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2200th: Epps2201st: Ferrara
2202nd: Kang2203rd: Scanlon
2204th: Chester2205th: Adcock

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