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Sylvester Genealogy & History

Sylvester is an interesting family name deriving from silva (wood), meaning a dweller in the forest. The name was first used in England by clerics and was first recorded in Leicestershire in 1154 as Silvester. Sylvester family history notes that 14-year-old Abram Silvester emigrated to Virginia from London in 1634. Modern variants of the name include Silvester, Selvester, and Sylvester; it is also a very common name in Italy, with some variants being Silvestri, Silvestrelli, and Silvestrino. Members of the Sylvester genealogy include American actor William Sylvester, English mathematician James Joseph Sylvester, and American political worker and journalist Sherry Sylvester.

Sylvester Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abraham Sylvester-- --, 1906January ,1971VA
Barbara Sylvester-- --, 1922August 1,2007ME
Cal Sylvester-- --, 1914February 19,1997CA
Dahlia Sylvester-- --, 1883October ,1970NY

Sylvester Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Sylvester-- --, 1897December 25,1987Orlando,FL
Fannie Sylvester-- --, 1907September ,1967Wilmington,DE
Gaetano Sylvester-- --, 1922October 24,2000Staten Island,NY
H Wallace Sylvester-- --, 1914January ,1987Quincy,MA

Sylvester Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alvin SylvesterRubbie VenzantJune 18,2003Harris, TX
Brian SylvesterJulie ResslerJuly 2,2005Wake, NC
Cornelious SylvesterTracy MarshallJuly 5,2000Travis, TX
David SylvesterMelissa WallaceOctober 1,2005Smith, TX

Most Common Surnames After Sylvester

1692nd: Gauthier1693rd: Souza
1694th: Arrington1695th: Stubbs
1696th: Kyle1697th: Manuel
1698th: Burnham1699th: Friend
1700th: Cleary1701st: Corley

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