5 Tips on Getting Great Cemetery Photos

Author - Nancy Hendrickson
Thanks to my many years of photographing cemeteries I've built up an arsenal of tips and tricks to get... Read More

Locating Images Of Ancestors: Putting A Face With That Name

Author - Andy Likins
Where did that cleft chin come from? After our daughter was born, my wife and I looked at her... Read More

Magical Hidden Secrets In Your Old Photos

Author - David Haas
How tall was an ancestor in a photo? Does that location still exist? Here are the tools to find out.... Read More

Civil War Photographs: Where To Find Copyright-Free Images Online

Author - Nancy Hendrickson
When I realized how many Civil War ancestors were perched in my family tree, I was curious about where... Read More

Learning From Great Grandmother's Hope Chest

Author - Jeannette Piecznski
Great grandmother's hope chest holds beautiful old clothes and photographs. As a genealogist we love to learn about them but... Read More

Photo Organization

Author - David Haas
Documentation, Forms and Proofs on Fire. ... Better off on "File"; Protect the contents and integrity of your work using... Read More

Photos For Free...Or Nearly Free

Author - Maureen A. Taylor
In this visual society, pictures surround us, but knowing where to find pictures you can actually use in your... Read More

Genealogy Antiques: Finding Your 19th c. Antique Paper & Photography

Author - Debra Clifford
Was your Great Grandfather a shoemaker or carriage maker? Your Great Grandmother a seamstress? Did your family own a store,... Read More

How To Identify A Photograph Without Looking At The Picture

Author - Colleen Fitzpatrick
There are many ways to squeeze information from a photograph, some of which have nothing to do with the contents of the picture. So if you are expecting an article on how to identify a photo by the clothes the people are wearing (or anything else you see in the picture), you are in for a surprise. Read More

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