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Bachman Genealogy & History

Bachman is an English and German surname from the Old German and Anglo-Saxon bah or baecc, meaning a stream and referring to someone who lived or worked near a stream, particularly an occupation relating to the body of water, and intensified by the -man suffix. Bachman family history starts in 1199, when Robert de Basche was noted as a witness at the Assize Court of Stafford. Bachman genealogy includes Bachman-Turner Overdrive co-founder Randy Bachman and Tea Party leader and Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann.

Bachman Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Irene Bachman-- --, 1907December 26,2003CA
Baldwin Bachman-- --, 1913October 5,2002CA
C Allen Bachman-- --, 1917June 23,2005MI
Daisy Bachman-- --, 1881February ,1972FL

Bachman Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Bachman-- --, 1921January 10,2002Buffalo,NY
Fannie Bachman-- --, 1901January ,1967Lowpoint,IL
Gail Bachman-- --, 1937January 24,1997Mulvane,KS
H Maxine Bachman-- --, 1919March ,1984Lindsborg,KS

Bachman Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Billy BachmanKaren HofmeisterSeptember 27,2003Wake, NC
Chris BachmanHolly SmithMay 20,2000Lubbock, TX
John BachmanEtta WatkinsJune 21,1969Wake, NC
Todd BachmanElizabeth LambethJune 5,1987Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Bachman

2030th: Whitt2031st: Stoddard
2032nd: Lombardi2033rd: Fuchs
2034th: Goodson2035th: Daigle
2036th: Isaacs2037th: Falk
2038th: Baughman2039th: Templeton

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