Battles Family History

Battles Surname Origin

Battles is a surname with an interesting Scottish origin that was first officially recorded in Berwickshire, Scotland.

Battles Genealogy, Meaning & History

Contrary to what many might think, the Battles family history does not begin as an occupational one, given to individuals who fought in some sort of military battle. Instead the Battles genealogy is primarily of topographical origin, either referring to individuals who lived near former battle sites. The name may have also been used to distinguish those who lived in particular areas of England, once the Battles family history eventually migrated to that country. The first clans to use this surname were probably the Strathclyde people who lived in the Borderlands between Scotland and England, which would explain the reason why this name is also seen frequently in English family histories. Battles is first recorded in this country in Berwickshire, dating all the way back to medieval times.

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