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Bauer Genealogy & History

Bauer is a German/Austrian name, derived from the Middle High German "bur", meaning "cottage". Thus Bauer was a status name or nickname meaning "cottage-dweller or neighbor". Bauer could also be occupational, meaning "peasant farmer", based on a derivation from Old High German "buan", meaning "to cultivate". Bauer family history is predominantly Austrian and not German. A coat of arms was granted to the Bauer family of Loeben reflecting the surname's humble origins, with a peasant wearing black clothes against a gold field and holding a weapon in each hand. American Bauer genealogy begins with emigration to New York in 1709.

Bauer Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Irene Bauer-- --, 1919April 12,2010IL
Balthazar Bauer-- --, 1925September 9,1996NY
C Marie Bauer-- --, 1907May 15,2003MN
D Claire Bauer-- --, 1914August 6,1989MD

Bauer Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Donald Bauer-- --, 1918October 3,2006Gaithersburg,MD
F Irene Bauer-- --, 1916July 14,2002Barberton,OH
G Bruce Bauer-- --, 1915June 7,2005Westfield,NJ
H Clifford Bauer-- --, 1917February 25,2001Cincinnati,OH

Bauer Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Bruce BauerJuanita MathesonAugust 8,1970Wake, NC
Lester BauerCathleen BrooksAugust 25,1942Wake, NC
John BauerAnnabelle RinikerSeptember 16,1944Wake, NC
William BauerHeather DavisAugust 13,2008Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Bauer

332nd: Haynes333rd: Simon
334th: Ramsey335th: Kramer
336th: Frank337th: Weiss
338th: Barber339th: Brady
340th: Cross341st: Miles

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