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Dale Genealogy & History

Dale family history shows that this name is locational. It is derived from the Scandinavian word "dalr", meaning a valley, and was used to describe a person who lived in such a low place. The name was first recorded in England and may have referred to an ancient British tribe named the Dallingas. Alternative spellings include the German Dallmann; the Dutch Daal, Van Daal, and Van Dalen; and the Danish Dall. Dale genealogy includes Dick Dale, who became famous for developing the unique sound of surf music in the 1960s with the Deltones. Several states have towns or cities named Dale: Indiana, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Dale Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Jeanne Dale-- --, 1924August 27,1999PA
Bannie Dale-- --, 1912September 26,2002GA
Cainan Dale-- --, 1916October 27,1997IN
Daisy Dale-- --, 1910October ,1986NC

Dale Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Brock Dale-- --, 1918April 23,2010Manhattan,KS
F Douglas Dale-- --, 1913December 18,2000Schofield,WI
G Ernest Dale-- --, 1916April 20,2007Princeton,NJ
H Alan Dale-- --, 1927April 11,2003Cornelia,GA

Dale Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Adam DaleAshley CurtisFebruary 15,2003Bexar, TX
Barry DaleTheresa SchenkJuly 22,1972Wake, NC
Clark DaleRebecca StanfieldJune 9,1979Wake, NC
Eugene DaleFelisa JacksonFebruary 28,2000Harris, TX

Most Common Surnames After Dale

943rd: Sweet944th: Kenney
945th: Sutherland946th: Heller
947th: Gibbons948th: Gay
949th: Crowe950th: Dickinson
951st: Chamberlain952nd: Elder

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