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Garrett is a French and German surname, coming from the personal names Gerard or Gerald. Gerard comes from "gari", or spear, and "hard", meaning brave. Gerald begins the same way but substitutes "wald", which means to rule. From there, Garrett developed many different spellings, including Gerhard and Gheraldi. The first recorded use, marking the beginning of Garrett family history, is the enrollment of John Gerard in Somerset County's Pipe Rolls in 1230. Garrett genealogy includes many famous people, such as actor Brad Garrett, New Jersey Representative Scott Garrett, and 1970s teen idol Leif Garrett. A fictional Garrett is Mrs. Garrett from the TV show The Facts of Life.

Garrett Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Diane Garrett-- --, 1938April 18,2007TX
B Evelyn Garrett-- --, 1923October 8,2003MI
C Arthur Garrett-- --, 1921November 18,1989IN
D Louise Garrett-- --, 1909July ,1987IN

Garrett Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Chester Garrett-- --, 1917September 8,2009Sturgis,SD
F Arlene Garrett-- --, 1924December 12,1997Marietta,GA
G Hugh Garrett-- --, 1916September 7,2000Lakeland,FL
H Ashton Garrett-- --, 1919April 22,1988Worton,MD

Garrett Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Aubrey GarrettCheryl SmithMarch 28,1992Wake, NC
Daryl GarrettDolly CashMarch 22,1990Wake, NC
Franklin GarrettBarbara AdamsDecember 17,1950Wake, NC
Raymond GarrettPearl ButtlerNovember 4,1931Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Garrett

239th: Erickson240th: Barrett
241st: Curtis242nd: Franklin
243rd: Burton244th: Rivera
245th: Little246th: Flores
247th: Powers248th: Brewer

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