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Franklin is an English surname from the Middle English "frankelin", which itself is from the Anglo-Norman French "franc", meaning generous and free, and the Germanic suffix "ling". In medieval times, the status of the franklin varied, but tended to be, as a free man and moderate holder of lands, above the minor tenants and below the nobility and clergy. Franklin family history begins with Ralph Frankelein, entered into the Yorkshire Pipe Rolls in 1195. Franklin genealogy includes several famous persons, such as inventor and founding father Benjamin Franklin, physicist Rosalind Franklin, and musician Aretha Franklin.

Franklin Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A James Franklin-- --, 1914July 9,2004MN
B Jean Franklin-- --, 1930May 6,2006NE
C Frank Franklin-- --, 1920October ,1982AL
D Eileen Franklin-- --, 1919July ,1986MI

Franklin Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Lucile Franklin-- --, 1919June ,1991Battle Creek,MI
Fabus Franklin-- --, 1911June 17,2000Hillsboro,NM
G Robert Franklin-- --, 1922April 30,2010Pompano Beach,FL
H Alan Franklin-- --, 1933November 20,2001Sykesville,MD

Franklin Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Bobby FranklinBrunell BeddingfieldOctober 24,1965Wake, NC
Chester FranklinKatie EwingNovember 12,1944Wake, NC
David FranklinJanice StewartOctober 30,1976Wake, NC
Frank FranklinEdith OvertonDecember 24,1932Wake, NC

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245th: Little246th: Flores
247th: Powers248th: Brewer
249th: McCoy250th: Leonard
251st: Hopkins252nd: Sims

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