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Godfrey Genealogy & History

Godfrey is patronymic, derived from the Norman personal name Godefrei, from the Germanic God-fria, meaning God/good-peace. English variations include Godfree, Godfrey, and Godkin, the Irish variations Mac Gothraidh and O'Gothraidh, and the French Godefroi, which was the given name of several of William the Conqueror's leaders. The Godfrey family history includes a feudal manor in Kent, a famous 12th-century crusader Godfrey of Lorraine, and a family motto of deus et libertas, which means God and freedom. One Godfrey coat of arms has three gold pelicans, symbolizing generosity and devotion. In America, Godfrey genealogy begins in the 1630s in both Maine and Virginia.

Godfrey Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Godfrey-- --, 1928February 17,2006LA
B Franklin Godfrey-- --, 1921October 15,1993TX
C Thomas Godfrey-- --, 1915December 30,2000NY
Dagmar Godfrey-- --, 1920December 10,2005CA

Godfrey Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Louise Godfrey-- --, 1928June 6,2004Red Lion,PA
Fannie Godfrey-- --, 1928November 15,1997Charlotte,NC
G Frank Godfrey-- --, 1926February 21,1996Jacksonville,FL
Hammond Godfrey-- --, 1922March 13,2010Columbus,MS

Godfrey Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Christopher GodfreyTanya HaynesNovember 4,1995Wake, NC
David GodfreyElizabeth BalsAugust 22,1987Wake, NC
Gerard GodfreySandra DunstonAugust 17,1974Wake, NC
Horace GodfreyWilma YearganDecember 20,1935Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Godfrey

1024th: Pate1025th: Yang
1026th: Justice1027th: Pickett
1028th: Roman1029th: Shafer
1030th: Downey1031st: Gleason
1032nd: Thomson1033rd: Cassidy

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