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Hadley Genealogy & History

Hadley is an English locational surname, from several villages named Hadley or Hadleigh all over England. The village name may come from the Old English haeth, for heather or heathland, and leah, for a clearing or meadow. It could also originate with the Old English given name Hadda, a diminutive of many names beginning with heard, which itself means brave or strong, and leah, which means a meadow or clearing. Hadley family history begins with Matilda de Hadlegha, added to the Pipe Rolls of Suffolk in 1194. Some well-known members of Hadley genealogy are 18th-century meteorologist and lawyer George Hadley and economist and 20-year Yale President Arthur Hadley.

Hadley Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Darlene Hadley-- --, 1924December 9,2008PA
B Virginia Hadley-- --, 1915March 5,1999IN
C Fred Hadley-- --, 1923November 16,2006MO
Daisy Hadley-- --, 1911September ,1975FL

Hadley Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Annabel Hadley-- --, 1914November 23,1995Columbus,OH
Faith Hadley-- --, 1898February ,1985Amory,MS
G Edwin Hadley-- --, 1917January 17,2002Boxford,MA
H Paul Hadley-- --, 1925June ,1988Jefferson,TX

Hadley Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alden HadleySusan PaulovcinMarch 9,2000Guadalupe, TX
Bruce HadleyCynthia SisterhenJune 25,1988Wake, NC
Corey HadleyNikita PulleyJune 15,2002Wake, NC
Frank HadleyDonna RainsFebruary 12,2000Montgomery, TX

Most Common Surnames After Hadley

1451st: Spangler1452nd: Hackett
1453rd: Barnhart1454th: Rucker
1455th: Ervin1456th: Carrillo
1457th: Gee1458th: Rainey
1459th: Kilgore1460th: Read

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