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Helms Genealogy & History

Helms as a surname first described someone who worked as a herdsman or a hat-maker. Derived from Old English "helm" meaning covering (as in "helmet"), the derivation of helmet-maker seems particularly consistent the crest and coat of arms, both of which have silver pheons, silver symbolizing peace/sincerity and the spear-head symbolizing readiness for battle. In England, the Helms family history included a feudal manor in Surrey, with the variations Helm and Helme more typically found in Lancashire and Yorkshire; the suffix "s" denotes the genitive "of" (for example, of the place Helm). American Helms genealogy traces back to Dutch immigrants to New Netherlands in 1642.

Helms Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Collins Helms-- --, 1922July 29,2003ID
B Earl Helms-- --, 1924July 15,2000CA
C Albert Helms-- --, 1928October 6,1995IN
D Frances Helms-- --, 1924September 19,2009TX

Helms Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Ross Helms-- --, 1907February 14,1988Creighton,MO
Fairley Helms-- --, 1923January 7,1994York,SC
Gabe Helms-- --, 1903December ,1978Mound Valley,KS
H Haywood Helms-- --, 1914May ,1984Mount Holly,NC

Helms Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Billy HelmsPatricia HortonOctober 2,1965Wake, NC
Christopher HelmsNancy AustinAugust 27,1989Wake, NC
Dalmas HelmsMildred FaronJanuary 27,1944Wake, NC
Ernest HelmsSuzanna RossDecember 29,1979Wake, NC

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916th: Beach917th: Sandoval
918th: Starr919th: Carver
920th: Greenberg921st: Dwyer

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