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Lehman family history shows that this surname is of German and Swiss origin. The name is derived from the Middle High German "lehenman", meaning a serf or vassal and, subsequently, a tenant or renter. Lehman genealogy shows alternative spellings that include Layman, Laymon, and Lehmans. This surname first emerged in the area of Thuringia, where the family was well known as landowners. Famous people with this surname include screenwriter Ernest Lehman, author of the screenplays for such classic films as Sabrina, North by Northwest, and The Sound of Music. He was the first writer to earn an Academy Award for lifetime achievement.

Lehman Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A James Lehman-- --, 1916June 17,1991OH
B Wilson Lehman-- --, 1927July 17,1999MO
Callie Lehman-- --, 1885August 15,1971CA
Daisy Lehman-- --, 1920April 29,2001MI

Lehman Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Barry Lehman-- --, 1928February 11,2005Stamford,CT
F Gordon Lehman-- --, 1920March 23,2009Ionia,MI
G Byron Lehman-- --, 1916November 26,1999Cincinnati,OH
H John Lehman-- --, 1920October 19,1987Galveston,TX

Lehman Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Carl LehmanBeverly SanderfordMarch 25,1961Wake, NC
Eugene LehmanShirley YoungJuly 30,1960Wake, NC
Gerald LehmanJoana BaconMay 23,2003Wake, NC
Henry LehmanArlene BifalcoNovember 8,1961Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Lehman

782nd: Merrill783rd: Maynard
784th: Benton785th: Avery
786th: Charles787th: Lange
788th: Daly789th: Singh
790th: Pena791st: Compton

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