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Rios Genealogy & History

Rios (or R�os) is a Spanish, Portuguese, and Galician surname that literally means rivers. As a topographical surname, it was used to denote people who lived near rivers, particularly prominent waterways, although those making their living from those rivers would have had occupational surnames relating to fish or sailing. Rios family history enters the western hemisphere with Francisco de los Rios, who sailed to the Caribbean in 1512. A few well-known members of Rios genealogy are former Chilean President Juan Antonio R�os, former Guatemalan dictator Efrain R�os Montt, and New York Supreme Court judge Jaime Rios.

Rios Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Rios-- --, 1986October ,1987NY
Bacilia Rios-- --, 1898February ,1975TX
Calistro Rios-- --, 1908September 28,1991AZ
Donaciano Rios-- --, 1934August 6,2010TX

Rios Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Eddie Rios-- --, 1932December 12,1998San Antonio,TX
Fabian Rios-- --, 1923March 15,2004Kingsville,TX
Gabina Rios-- --, 1926August 18,2002Midland,TX
Hada Rios-- --, 1890December ,1976Comstock Park,MI

Rios Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Robert RiosJana HollandOctober 20,1990Wake, NC
Hector RiosSuyen HernandezSeptember 9,2000Tom Green, TX
Isaac RiosIris LevineJuly 21,2000Bexar, TX
Lee RiosMelissa PenaAugust 12,2000Bexar, TX

Most Common Surnames After Rios

933rd: Dailey934th: Hyde
935th: Dodd936th: Odom
937th: Holman938th: Cherry
939th: Bloom940th: McLeod
941st: Muller942nd: Dale

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