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Root Genealogy & History

The surname Root was most likely derived from the Old English word rot, meaning glad, or a rote, a stringed instrument used in the Middle Ages that resembles a lute. The joy and frivolity many received from music most likely accounts for the two seemingly different meanings attributed to the Root genealogy. Since playing musical instruments was a viable way to make a living, it is very possible that rote players were eventually given the surname Root in reference to their occupation. One notable members of the Root family history is Walter Rote, who appeared on the membership list of the Knights Templar in 1185.

Root Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Root-- --, 1906February ,1982OH
Bailie Root-- --, 1921May ,1984KY
C Arthur Root-- --, 1921November 20,2001WA
D Sherwood Root-- --, 1914February 12,1993WA

Root Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E John Root-- --, 1921November 19,1998Manheim,PA
Fannie Root-- --, 1895April ,1973Lakewood,NJ
G Eldon Root-- --, 1924April 10,2003Paso Robles,CA
H Ann Root-- --, 1918February 14,2006Marysville,WA

Root Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Albert RootJean BoisseauJanuary 24,1953Wake, NC
Benjamin RootLaren HubbardSeptember 28,1985Wake, NC
Chadwick RootGudrun StaudtOctober 5,2000Bell, TX
David RootLaura ManningDecember 9,2000Kaufman, TX

Most Common Surnames After Root

1324th: Chappell1325th: Coates
1326th: Cronin1327th: Blum
1328th: Vinson1329th: Campos
1330th: Forrest1331st: Esposito
1332nd: Wilhelm1333rd: Crews

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