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Sexton Genealogy & History

Sexton is an English and Irish surname; as an English name, it comes from the Latin sacristanus through the Old French secrestein and Middle English sexteyn, all meaning a church warden or sexton. In Irish, it is the anglicized form of O'Seastnain, meaning son of Seastnain, which may have meant bodyguard originally, from seasuighim, to resist or defend. Sexton family history enters the books with Tomas Sekerstein, entered in the Pipe Rolls of Yorkshire in 1203. Sexton genealogy lays claim to New York University president John Sexton, Pulitzer-winning poet Anne Sexton, and Alaska poet laureate Tom Sexton.

Sexton Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Donald Sexton-- --, 1923July 16,2007IA
B Curtis Sexton-- --, 1915February 15,1998AL
C Earl Sexton-- --, 1922June 9,1998MO
D Pauline Sexton-- --, 1929November 14,2003OH

Sexton Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Eamer Sexton-- --, 1937December 15,1988Oneida,TN
Fabian Sexton-- --, 1884June ,1976Olympia,WA
Gabrilla Sexton-- --, 1889March ,1983Oneida,TN
H Ames Sexton-- --, 1921May ,1986Denton,NC

Sexton Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Beverly SextonArmice JonesDecember 24,1938Wake, NC
Coy SextonAzzie WoodwardJune 17,1933Wake, NC
Daniel SextonJudy BridgesAugust 12,1967Wake, NC
Elmer SextonColleen ThompsonApril 1,1944Wake, NC

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707th: Bradshaw708th: Blanchard
709th: McClain710th: Whitehead
711th: Shea712th: Munoz
713th: Landry714th: Blackburn

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