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Burleson Genealogy & History

Burleson denotes son of the cup bearer or butler. The family has had an ancestral home since ancient times in Dorset, England. The family coat of arms is a shield of four quadrants alternating gold and red with a black band crossing from upper right to lower left with two silver circles on it. Burleson family history mentions Hopson Burleson as the first of the family known to migrate to America; he arrived in 1835. Some members of the Burleson genealogy are Postmaster General and Texas Representative Albert S. Burleson and country singer/songwriter Ed Burleson.

Burleson Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Burleson-- --, 1892August ,1969NC
Babe Burleson-- --, 1935September 13,2003TX
C Reese Burleson-- --, 1935April 13,1996NC
Dailey Burleson-- --, 1895February ,1985NC

Burleson Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Hilliard Burleson-- --, 1927April 14,2005Albemarle,NC
Fairley Burleson-- --, 1892February ,1983Kannapolis,NC
Garland Burleson-- --, 1913March ,1983Mesquite,TX
Halora Burleson-- --, 1921March ,1993Westfield,NJ

Burleson Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Billy BurlesonJeannie BrittAugust 3,1969Wake, NC
Chaise BurlesonLeslie MonigoldMay 20,2000Fort Bend, TX
Edward BurlesonTerri DragerMarch 21,1997Wake, NC
Gary BurlesonJan FreemanFebruary 26,2000Waller, TX

Most Common Surnames After Burleson

2364th: Kopp2365th: Bolden
2366th: Boston2367th: Dorman
2368th: Laws2369th: Ragsdale
2370th: Mayberry2371st: Hyman
2372nd: Lemon2373rd: Lu

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