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Hatfield is based on the name of many English locations, derived from Old English "harth", meaning heather, and "feld", meaning pasture, with variations Hadfeld, Haytfeld, Heathfield, and Hetfield. The family seat (feudal manor) was located in Yorkshire, but Hatfield family history from these ancient days is also located throughout central England in Essex, Herefordshire, Nottinghamshire, Somerset, Sussex, and Worcestershire. While American Hatfield genealogy includes immigrants to Virginia in the 1620s, the most famous American Hatfields were undoubtedly those involved in the Hatfield-McCoy feud (1865-1891) in West Virginia and Kentucky, which evolved into a modern-day allegory on the perils of defending family honor.

Hatfield Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Blaine Hatfield-- --, 1919January 7,2007WV
B Eugene Hatfield-- --, 1921November 18,2004TN
C D Hatfield-- --, 1920February 8,1992NJ
D Ann Hatfield-- --, 1923September ,1988OK

Hatfield Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Neal Hatfield-- --, 1934July ,1991Mansfield,OH
F Neal Hatfield-- --, 1919February 12,2010Raymore,MO
Gail Hatfield-- --, 1955December 27,2004Coeburn,VA
H Don Hatfield-- --, 1918March 13,1998Fort Smith,AR

Hatfield Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Gregory HatfieldSandra HueyDecember 18,1987Wake, NC
Robert HatfieldCatherine MankJuly 27,1954Wake, NC
James HatfieldSadie WillsJuly 24,1999Wake, NC
Frankie HatfieldLinda LoobOctober 6,1966El Paso, TX

Most Common Surnames After Hatfield

850th: Archer851st: Cantrell
852nd: Spence853rd: McDermott
854th: Connolly855th: Sheppard
856th: Gustafson857th: Soto
858th: Guthrie859th: Feldman

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