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Hood is an English and German name. In England, the name derives from the Old English "hood", "hud", "hod", or "hodde", all of which mean "hood". The name was likely an occupational name for hood-makers. Alternately, it could have been a locational name given to people who lived in the village of Hood in Devon. Hood family history in England begins in Devon, where they held a family seat for centuries. In Germany, the Hoods were first recorded in Bavaria. Hood genealogy includes George Hood, a New Zealand aviator who vanished attempting the first flight between Australia and New Zealand in 1928.

Hood Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Dolores Hood-- --, 1928June 16,2007MD
B Wallace Hood-- --, 1942June ,1985GA
C Walton Hood-- --, 1915December ,1977PA
Dagma Hood-- --, 1921March 2,2005TX

Hood Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Elliott Hood-- --, 1915August 6,2004South Bend,IN
F Nadine Hood-- --, 1918May 26,1997Pueblo,CO
G Donald Hood-- --, 1926April 10,2003Bode,IA
Helenlinda Hood-- --, 1953April 1,2010Atlanta,GA

Hood Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Brian HoodJennifer HartmanJuly 11,1992Wake, NC
Cephus HoodMinnie SmithNovember 22,1937Wake, NC
Dwight HoodAnita TaylorMarch 28,1981Wake, NC
Eldred HoodNelonia RhodesNovember 7,1958Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Hood

501st: Levine502nd: Walter
503rd: Marks504th: Poole
505th: Allison506th: Atkinson
507th: Boyer508th: Huffman
509th: Whitaker510th: Stokes

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