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Morales is an intriguing Spanish surname for someone who lived by a mulberry or blackberry bush. Topographical patronymics like these are some of the earliest names created. The Latin "morum" means blackberry while "mora" in Spanish means mulberry. Morales genealogy cites the first recording as Francisco de Morales, who witnessed a christening at Valladolid, Italy, on October 29, 1570. Morales family history shows that it has other spellings, such as Moral, Morilla, Morillas, and Moraleda. Of great interest are Andres Morales, who sailed with Columbus on his third trip to America, and Grammy Award-winning Puerto Rican pop singer Enrique Mart´┐Żn Morales, better known as'ricky Martin.

Morales Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Greg Morales-- --, 1922May 7,2006OH
Bacilio Morales-- --, 1929September 29,2002TX
C David Morales-- --, 1926May 21,2005AZ
Dagoberto Morales-- --, 1925June 1,2001NY

Morales Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Eadith Morales-- --, 1921December 16,2008Bradenton,FL
Fabian Morales-- --, 1931November 9,2005Long Beach,NY
Gabina Morales-- --, 1912February 13,2005Miami,FL
Hannelore Morales-- --, 1934October 20,2005Sherwood,OR

Morales Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Gregorio MoralesAngela VegaJune 14,2003Wake, NC
Yonel MoralesRobynn FisheSeptember 9,2000Travis, TX
Zapata MoralesAracely PrunedaNovember 17,2000Harris, TX
Edgar MoralesVeronica SanchezMarch 15,2000Tarrant, TX

Most Common Surnames After Morales

374th: Wong375th: Norton
376th: Saunders377th: Petersen
378th: McCormick379th: Olsen
380th: Stevenson381st: Hodges
382nd: Bowers383rd: Blake

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