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Thayer Genealogy & History

Thayer is an English and German name that includes the variation of Sayer, likely a reference to St. Saire in Normandy. Alternatively, it can be a variant of the French surname Taillier, derived from Old French taillere, referring to the occupation of tailor. Thayer family history dates to the time of William the Conqueror, when the family was granted a feudal estate in Essex. The family motto is bear and forbear, and the family coat of arms contains three gold cinquefoils symbolizing hope and joy. American Thayer genealogy dates to 1640 in Boston and includes Brigadier General Sylvanus Thayer, known as the father of West Point.

Thayer Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abby Thayer-- --, 1879April ,1975OH
Barbara Thayer-- --, 1898August 24,1993MA
Cairo Thayer-- --, 1900February ,1979TN
D Jane Thayer-- --, 1930October 1,2006OH

Thayer Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Marion Thayer-- --, 1926January 16,2002Mc Calla,AL
Faith Thayer-- --, 1912March ,1984Minneapolis,MN
G Dewey Thayer-- --, 1917August 13,2003Bethel,ME
H Harry Thayer-- --, 1926March 24,2007Hopkins,MN

Thayer Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Scott ThayerKathy EnlundMarch 11,1978Wake, NC
Terrance ThayerNicole SpinaSeptember 2,2000Wake, NC
William ThayerFrnaces MooreMay 27,1961Wake, NC
Howard ThayerDonna KellerJanuary 30,1988Dallas, TX

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1561st: Burrell1562nd: Roche
1563rd: Aguirre1564th: Michaels
1565th: Langford1566th: Dobson
1567th: Bateman1568th: Blue

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